May 1, 2022

First Vote: Asset Onboarding

With the launch of JetGovern app and Asset Onboarding Framework developed, Jet is now ready to hold its first on-chain vote.


Submitting Proposal

Serving as an avenue for off-chain governance, the JetForum has seen several proposals from representatives of projects across the DeFi ecosystem for potential assets to be added to the protocol and used as yield-earning deposits or collaterals. Interested applicants have been submitting their proposals following Jet’s Asset Onboarding Application Template.

Some of these proposals spurring discussions in the forum include Serum (SRM)  and Marinade Finance (mSOL). Angle Protocol has also recently submitted the proposal for onboarding AgEuro as an asset type.

Assessing Proposal

Community members have shared their opinions in agreement or opposition to these proposals, citing important factors like liquidity, risk, and legal implications.

In parallel, the Governance Committee has been evaluating the proposals against Collateral Onboarding Domain Evaluation Criteria (CODEC).

On-Chain Vote

Once a proposal is evaluated, if it passes the assessment by the Governance Committee, it will be posted on the JetGovern app and enter into on-chain voting process. The vote will take place the week of the 9th of May.